Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer: Dissected

176 screenshots of death from the trailer

The first Modern Warfare 3 gameplay trailer has smashed onto the internet this morning and just for all you scrutinising FPS nuts out there, we've pulled it apart bit by bit.

It's an incredibly quick, choppy, violent trailer, and if you indulge in the luxury of blinking you'll no doubt miss some key bits of multiplayer goodness.

No worries, we've got 176 trailer stills for you right here. So that you can take your time and carefully peruse each frame of significance.


It's clear that the trailer is made up of multiple game-types. Kill Confirmed, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and Ground War are flagged up specifically in holographic menu systems circling the player.

We can also use the electric green menus to get a good look at what kind of kit players will be packing on the online battlefield.


Our man on Kill Confirmed is using the trusty M4 as his primary piece with the M320GLM in secondary position. He's also packing Flash and Frag grenades for something with a little bit of a bang.

Other weapons of note used in the trailer are ACR 6.8, the XM25 and the FMG9 - all welcome inclusions.


The Bouncing Betty gets a spot of the action after showing up in the menu system as well. Part way through the trailer, during a Capture the Flag match, we get a good close up of it spinning into the air and blowing the face off some poor old chump.

There's also a neat rundown of some of the perks on offer within multiplayer.


In each game mode demonstrated in the trailer, the player is given a different Strike Package depending on class, it seems. We get a good butcher's at the Assault and Support variations.

As you can see, the Assault perk chain is detailed on the menu with UAV, AH-6 Overwatch and the Juggernaut up for grabs. Support, on the other hand gets an Airdrop Trap, a Remote Turret and an EMP.


Clearly the most effective teams are going to those that have a range of classes and utilise their perks effectively. You'll also notice, however, that even for the Support class, all the perks still appear to be gained by killing lots of people - we'll know for sure when official details come out later today but, oddly, it looks like the support team is going to be doing just as much life-taking as the assault.

Individual perks, not based on killstreaks are there as well, of course. Things like Quickdraw and Recon perks aren't quite as devastating as something like a Juggernaut but provide an edge.


Apart from that it's a shower of death and blood in gameplay that, we have to say, is typically Call of Duty. It's all very fast paced and snappy with the run and gun ideals still firmly in place. That's the formula that has made the series so successful to date, so we weren't expecting it change too drastically.

Still, have a look through the screens, watch the trailer for yourself and we're sure you'll be able to spot some subtle changes you might be able to take advantage of.