Black Ops double XP this weekend

Plus Nuketown 24/7 on all platforms

Treyarch has confirmed plans to hold a Call of Duty: Black Ops double XP weekend kicking off tomorrow and lasting until Tuesday in celebration of Labor Day in the US.


The Nuketown 24/7 game type (Nuketown-only Team Tactical and Free for All matches between 6-12 players) will also be available for the period.

"To celebrate Labor Day for all you fans that can't make it to #XP2011," Treyarch community man Josh Olin said on Twitter: "#CODBlackOps #DoubleXP facts: #AllPlatforms, starts Friday @ 10a PDT, ends Tuesday @ 10a PDT, includes #DoubleCP, #Nuketown247 for ALL."

Yesterday Activision launched a video tour of the set for Call of Duty XP ahead of this weekend's fan-focused event.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]