Treyarch gears up for Call of Duty 9

Black Ops dev looking for 'CoD expert' designers

In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, Black Ops developer Treyarch appears to be ramping up for development on the next Call of Duty game.


A multiplayer level designer job ad posted on the studio's official website and Gamasutra calls for "an expert understanding of the Call of Duty game universe".

Treyarch says it's also looking for an "expert on recent first person shooters and the trends of the genre" to serve as game designer/scripter. The interview process may involve "a design test utilizing Call of Duty mod tools".

Treyarch has traditionally developed Call of Duty games in alternate years to series creator Infinity Ward, with franchise entries like Call of Duty 3, World at War and Black Ops already under its belt.

New instalment Modern Warfare 3's set to release on November 8 alongside subscription service Call of Duty Elite, which will offer "exclusive episodic entertainment built just for the community", created by the likes of Ridley and Tony Scott.