Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival - Dissected

Trailer Analysis: 44 screenshots from the latest footage

The latest Modern Warfare 3 trailer has been cooling on our windowsill for a few hours now, meaning we can finally take out our pie knife, cut into the flaky pastry of combat and take a look at the sticky red berries inside.

In other words, we're going to Dissect this mother right in front of you.


We like this particular trailer because it does a lot of the work for us, getting the basic premise out of the way right from the off in plain English.

In case you didn't know, Spec Ops Survival is essentially Modern Warfare 3's horde mode. Much like Treyarch's zombie modes minus the groaning and the chewing.

It's the standard deal, non-stop waves of increasingly well equipped enemies have nothing better to do than try and kill you and, with death inevitable, your only goal is to survive for as long as possible.

There's more to be scavenged from the trailer though as it gives a further look at some of the maps we'll be surviving in, the perks, items and weapons on offer, some of the enemies that will make up the different waves and it also demonstrates a couple of survival techniques.


It kicks off in our fair capital and we can safely say that we've never seen a better looking London bus in all our years of gaming.

If you're interested, the 748 bus goes from just outside Hendon Park near Brent Cross tube station to Victoria where it turns around. Little fact for you.


Back to the killing and we can have a look at the HUD, which has some familiar elements and some that look a bit new. The Cash4Kills concept is present and we can see icons pointing to a gun cache, extra equipment (fingers crossed for classic plunger-triggered dynamite) and air support has its own vending machine as well.

You'll notice in the bottom left there's a cash counter and what looks like a couple of bonuses for kill streaks and multiple headshots. It looks like a system that could be similar to the contracts in Black Ops. The list changes depending on your last relevant action. Later on in the trailer we see a bonus for knife kills pop up after the player gets stabby.

A lot of people have also pointed towards the dot sight on the gun being reminiscent of COD 4 but we do see dots later on that look more what we were given in Modern Warfare 2. Does that mean that we'll be able to choose from a handful of crosshairs much like in Black Ops or is it just a case of certain crosshairs being gun specific?


Later on we're shown a handful of unlocks, namely Extreme Conditioning, SitRep and Steady Aim and, as you can see, we've had a switch in the bonus list as the player nears a $500 cash injection for going on a rampage. In Black Ops, 85 kills in a particular mode was considered a 'Rampage', this is probably similar.

Moving on, we're eventually given two quite revealing lists, one from the gun haul that shows some of the pieces on offer and their respective pricing and another showing the equipment armoury.


We'll leave you to have a look at the gun list (you'll find it below), it's the equipment that may not sit too well with some COD fans.

We're looking at 'Last Stand' in particular as a phrase a lot of people didn't want to see return. Whether it'll feature in multiplayer as well, we don't know.

Then there's the air support, which has a small clutch of options waiting to be purchased at its own terminal. The familiar Predator Missile is up there along with Delta Squad and Riot Shield Squad (which will provide allied reinforcements via chopper) and two other classified options.

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