Battlefield 3 will end Modern Warfare's multiplayer dominance. Discuss.

Debate: Could this be the year Call of Duty is forced to step down?

We've had a good hard look at Battlefield 3's multiplayer offering - much more than we were expecting at this point, thanks to a series of leaks from a number of naughty alpha testers.


If you didn't catch the Battlefield 3 multiplayer footage at the weekend, you'll probably struggle to find it again. But don't worry too much, there are leaks springing up everywhere.

We got a pretty comprehensive demo of the multiplayer mode this morning, in fact, load-out options and all. Go and see if it's still there.

We have to say that DICE seems to have put together a pretty impressive package so far, especially considering that everything that's found its way onto the net has apparently been from alpha stage testing.

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But is it enough to topple Modern Warfare - The multiplayer king among the masses?

While Battlefield has perhaps always found favour among the most hardcore FPS fans, it's Call of Duty that Joe Bloggs runs to every year for its XP fix.

It's difficult to envisage a game that could top the kind of thing we've seen from Battlefield so far though and maybe this could be the year that Activision's grip is loosened on the genre.

We haven't seen anything as far as in-game footage is concerned with this year's Call of Duty but it's safe to say that Modern Warfare is no slouch, with undeniable quality lining the foundations of an incredibly addictive formula.

Although it's received criticism recently for being a rinse and repeat franchise, Activision has said that 2011's Call of Duty will offer 'the most advanced multiplayer ever.' An exciting prospect to say the least.

With phrases like 'most epic experience yet' and 'unimaginable scale' being thrown around, along with the promise of a genre pushing level of polish and creativity, it sounds like Infinity Ward is going for the wow factor.


We're sure it will deliver but you have to consider as well that, despite the unofficial nature, Battlefield 3 is already tickling the taste-buds of FPS fans and grabbing their attention with great gameplay.

So it's over to you. We know it's impossible to make a cast-iron judgement before we've had a proper showing from both parties but you lot have enough experience under your belts to make some educated predictions.

Have alpha testers inadvertently helped DICE draw first blood? Does Battlefield 3's multiplayer look good enough to topple what's expected from Modern Warefare 3? Will Infinity Ward surprise by turning the FPS formula on its head this year?

Most importantly, come November, will there still be lines of people curling out of retailers, waiting for the latest Modern Warfare, or will the masses be sitting at home playing Battlefield 3?