New Spider-Man movie trailer looks a LOT like Mirror's Edge - Video

We compare the two side-by-side. Eyebrows raise.

We knew there was something fishy going on when we caught a glimpse at the top-notch trailer for the new Spider-Man movie yesterday.


It was tough to put our finger on at first. There was just something oddly recognisable... Something... eerily familiar.

And then it hit us: the whole first-person section of the footage harks back to EA and DICE's rather under-rated Mirror's Edge.

And when we say 'harks back' we mean 'looks spookily like a homage'.

Have a gander at our video comparison below to see what we're talking about...

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The Amazing Spider-Man is due for cinema release in July next year.

It stars Brit actor Andrew Garfield as the genetically troubled super-hero.

Check out the movie trailer in full below.

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