25 Best PS3 Games Ever. The PSM3 video debate. Games 25 - 21.

Video: the PSM3 team reveal their definitive top 25 PS3 games... did your favourite make the cut?

To celebrate PSM3's bold new look and focus on 'Smarter PlayStation Gaming' - with the new-look magazine due this Thursday, July 21 - we're proud to reveal the top 25 PS3 games of all time. The list isn't based on the games that scored highest at the time, but those the PSM3 team has loved and played the most - leading to an intense, and colourful, debate you can watch live in this special video roundtable. We'll be counting down the top 25 games every day this week, five per day, until the top five is unveiled on Friday. So without further ado, let's reveal games 25-21...

Tune back tomorrow for games 20-16.

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