Call of Duty Elite: Your first impressions

Debate: Did you get a beta invite? Tell us what you think...

Activision's Call of Duty online subscription service, Call of Duty Elite, has been live in beta form on Xbox 360 for a couple of days now and we're looking to a lucky few from the CVG Massive to give their impressions from the inside.


On the surface it may seem like Elite is based on a barrage of stats to drag you further into your multiplayer career but we want to know how much of a difference all those numbers really make to the COD online offering.

Then of course there's the increased connectivity with friends, with added matchmaking and tracking facilities creating what Activision describes as a "true social gaming platform". It probably won't be a feature that can be fully realised just yet but what are your thoughts on what's there so far?

The publisher also claims that all of this extra info on yourself and your opponent helps to improve your game alongside tutorial videos and exclusive "intel" on maps and weapons. But does the experience and utility of Call of Duty Elite match Activision's claims and, most importantly, is the package something you would be willing to spend your hard-earned cash on?

Activision's said that there will be plenty of free content coming via Elite as well. From what you've seen so far, what would you be willing to pay a direct subscription for and what do you think is best left as a pleasant but not necessarily overwhelming freebie?

Then of course there's the competition; Battlefiled 3's Battlelog. While you obviously haven't had the chance to play around with Battlelog, there has been some indication of how it will look as an interface. How do you think it compares at first glance considering, as well, the fact that EA is putting together an entirely free stat service?

If you've been lucky enough to be granted access to Call of Duty Elite already, we want it all; thoughts, impressions, congratulations and criticisms.

Heck, even if you haven't be hand-picked just yet, feel free to throw your two pennies in on the issue as well.