Can Crytek make Kinect a hardcore hit?

Debate: Will Ryse raise a smile from the core?

If you were to compile a shortlist of developers that are pretty much guaranteed to deliver a solid hardcore experience every time, Crytek would be somewhere near the top.


Although there are only two IPs of note to the studio's name - Crysis and Far Cry - they are two franchises known for their uncompromising AAA production values and rich, expensive environments. It's often exactly what a hardcore high-end fanatic is looking for.

With the coming and going of E3, you can now add Ryse to the Crytek library. Formally Codename Kingdoms, Ryse is the Roman sword and shield brawler with enough blood to make the Kinectimals kids lose a whole chunk of their childhood.

We don't know much about Ryse just yet, but it looks like an on-rails motion-sensing hack and slash effort with all the technical flair we're used to from the Crysis studio.

You might turn your nose up at the thought of anything on rails that isn't from the mind of Mizuguchi, but keep your sniffer horizontal for a moment at least. After all, if Kinect can be utilised to create some really cool duelling should we really care about all the walking about in between? The success of an on-rails brawler could all be down to execution and, if it is, are Crytek not one of the studios you'd expect to pull it off?

Besides, there are reports that Crytek is actually looking to make Ryse a hybrid. Whether that means you'll be flailing around with pad in hand, you'll have the option of playing it with or without Kinect, or the pad is neatly integrated in some other way, we're not sure. Either way there's at least some promise for the motion tech.

Perhaps you're still a sceptic, perhaps you think Kinect is too much of a hindrance for even the most talented hardcore developers. Add to that the fact we've only seen a very select bit of promo footage for Ryse and potential success for the title is still an unknown entity.

But, if Crytek is as in love with Kinect as Microsoft says, shouldn't we be expecting a bright future for the pairing? Maybe you'll never be convinced. We understand if Kinect just isn't your bag, regardless of the grit and gore that comes with it.

Whatever your stance, let us know in the comments below. Has the first look at Crytek's punt at motion gaming and its enthusiasm for the device finally gotten you excited about Kinect?

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