Ex-Call of Duty devs transform dump into Respawn palace

Behind the scenes at EA-allied studio...

Jason West and Vince Zampella's EA-allied studio, Respawn launched its official website last night, along with a behind the scenes look at its fancy new digs.


Or at least they look fancy now, but a few months ago they looked far from the habitat you'd expect to see one of the industry's most promising developers doing its thing.

A little bit of narrative on the website explains how to begin with the newly formed group of devs had to all sit in a circle on cheap-o chairs with their laptops on their knees. In one picture, you can see some poor old soul sleeping on the floor. Either that or he's planking.

Still, don't feel too sorry for the Respawn bunch: now they have a fully operational office complete with fancy pixelated art on the wall and expensive chairs.

The new digs could well attract even more developers to the studio on top of the 40 members of staff that it's said to have poached from Infinity Ward.

[ SOURCE: Respawn ]