Win! a hoard of great movies on Blu-ray

Boost your Blu-ray collection with these manly classics

Is your Blu-ray movie collection looking a bit thin? Shelves hardly groaning under the weight of your assembled films?

Take a look now, now! we say and tell us honestly: could you use some manly movies to boost your Blu-ray viewing figures?

Well, if the answer is 'yes', handily we may have the answer, courtesy of a brand new competition organised by our Future overlords with those nice people from Fox Home Entertainment.

With a host of sci-fi classics including the Alien Anthology, Predator and Minority Report, superhero flicks like Fantastic Four and X-Men, epic event movies like Braveheart and The Day After Tomorrow and high-end action adventures like Die Hard and Taken, this is as manly a collection of Blu-ray classics as you could ever hope to wish for.


Your testosterone levels are guaranteed to be raised just by being in the same room (maybe).

So just how do you win this splendid array of Blu-rays? Well simply head on over to the competition entry page here and tell them what the name of the android played by Lance Henriksen in the movie Aliens is.

Simple right? And if you don't know the answer to that well frankly, perhaps we can suggest searching in the Rom Com and Musicals section?