40 Infinity Ward devs defect to EA-allied studio

Plus ex-id, Sony employees team up with Call of Duty creators' Respawn

At least 40 ex-Infinity Ward employees - including Jason West and Vince Zampella - have defected to rival EA-funded studio, Respawn Entertainment.


That's according to the developer's recently launched website, which confirms a huge number of senior Call of Duty makers have made the switch to the rival studio.

Respawn was of course founded early last year after Activision fired and removed Call of Duty co-creators Jason West and Vince Zampella from the Infinity Ward premises.

West and Zampella filed a lawsuit against Activision and a staff exodus at the premiere FPS developer followed.

At last count it appeared that around 30 ex-Activision developers had moved over to the EA-allied studio, but now the number has seemingly risen ever higher.

Respawn's website confirms its employees include veteran Call of Duty developers senior artist Brad Allen, lead designer Mackey McCandlish, lead software engineer Frank Gigliotti and lead animator Mark Grigsby. Many of its staff are veteran Call of Duty developers, having worked on the series since the beginning. Respawn even poached the HR manager.

Other captures include ex-id software composer Ed Lima and God of War artists Lewis Walden, Mike Altamirano, Robert Taube and Nate Stephens.

EA Games Label president Frank Gibeau revealed in an E3 meeting earlier this month that the studio's working on a sci-fi first-person shooter.

Activision has claimed that despite the list of high-level departures, Infinity Ward will 'rise from the ashes'.

[ SOURCE: Respawn ]