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Battlefield 3 stars in the new issue of PSM3. Here's the opening spread of our ten page exclusive feature, with unrivalled access to developers DICE.

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What's in the latest issue of PSM3?

Battlefield 3 - 10-page exclusive feature, as we visit DICE in Sweden to unearth new screens and insight

Portal 2 - Finished it? Find the ten secrets and easter eggs you missed

inFamous 2 - Why Sony's much-improved sequel is still far from superhuman

325 hours of games for £50 - Buy better, longer-lasting games for LESS with our buyer's guide

We go hands-on with PS Vita (plus answer all your key Qs), unearth the best characters in Lego PotC, reveal E3's winners and losers and map the world in games. Did you know 16% of games set in the Middle East feature rappers? You will. Oh wait, now you do.

PLUS reviews of Red Faction Armageddon, Shadows of the Damned, Alice, Hunted and Duke Nukem Forever.

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