Retro Studios behind Mario Kart 3DS, Nintendo reveals

Metroid dev does Mario, Next Level Games handling Luigi's Mansion

Nintendo's hinted that the Luigi's Mansion 2 release date will fall "relatively early next year" - but the game isn't being developed by Nintendo

The ballpark was given at a roundtable session at E3 last night, where the platform holder also confirmed that it's handed development duties to another studio.


"We found someone to help with it and they are called Next Level Games," said Nintendo. "We have worked with them in the past on Mario Strikers and Punch-Out!! They got very excited when we asked them to do it."

While Luigi's Mansion 2 won't be developed by Nintendo, it will be overseen by Miyamoto himself.

Meanwhile Mario Kart 3DS, which was also shown off last night is being developed by Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns studio Retro, it's been confirmed.

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