'No GTA, no Metal Gear... but Sony still rocked E3'

Opinion: OPM editor on why Sony didn't need big exclusives to impress

Sony's was a solid if unspectacular show.

It was a bit of a shame not to see any game names featuring the number 5 preceded by the words Grand Theft Auto or Metal Gear Solid, but at least Sony steered clear of sending David Jaffe out there in an ice cream van to close out the show this time. (Last year's most memorable moment for all the wrong reasons.)

The biggest talking point among the media out here in LA is the confirmation that NGP will be titled PlayStation Vita. I'm still a tiny bit unsure what to make of the name - I assumed it'd be abbreviated to PSV, but there's a football team in Eindhoven who might take issue with that - but what isn't in doubt is that Sony is pushing its little big addition to the handheld ranks hard.


The price point (E249 for the Wifi model, E299 for the Wifi/3G version) is competitive (and it needed to be after the vastly overpriced PSPGo choked on its own pound signs) and the software, headlined by Uncharted: Golden Abyss and a new Call Of Duty game and, as of today, backed by a new Bioshock game, looks genuine AAA quality. It's taken seven years but Sony might finally have found the portable machine PSP should have been. That's what dual sticks do for you.

Breaking with the old 'save the best till last' convention, there's no doubting that the first game to be showcased remains Sony's best. It's actually becoming difficult to find superlatives for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception because the world called it "incredible" and "astonishing" when it was first revealed - justifiably so - and it gets even more wowtastic (can't find a superlative: make one up) each time a new gameplay video or screen or Evan Wells quote emerges from Naughty Dog.

Today's segment was a single-level playthrough set on a storm-whipped ship where Drake repeatedly (and narrowly) evaded being shot, drowned or being fatally overwhelmed by seasickness, and it looked all those adjectives I've used above and more. Oh, AND Chloe and Elena are definitely back. (A crucial detail.)

Even if GTA and/or MGS are unveiled before the week is out, there's nothing I'm looking forward to more.

A few random assorted thoughts to finish; Good to see Sly Raccoon making a comeback, though I am intrigued to know what it means for inFamous given that Sucker Punch has been a one-game studio since stepping up to PS3.

Can't tell you what anything looked like in 3D as I suffer from amblyopia (look it up, preferably with your good eye), but the unveiling of a 24-inch 3D telly complete with glasses, HDMI lead and Resistance 3 for $499 is big sign of Sony's determination for it to catch on with the masses.

Starhawk has mega potential and I say that despite the fact that Warhawk left me cold. Lastly, I love Yoshinori Ono. You can't have a bad press conference if he's there, and today was no exception. Overall, a slap on the back from me to Sony.