Sony Conference: Highs and Lows. Everything we loved. Everything we hated.

From Jack's PSN apology to the Vita pricepoint, this is our verdict on the PlayStation presser...

Coming off the back of Microsoft's Kinect-heavy showing in the morning, Sony must have felt E3 was there for the taking with big guns like Uncharted 3 and the soon-to-be-named PlayStation Vita ready to fire. The Japanese giant didn't have it all its own way though, with the PSN outage to deal with and some awkwardly drawn-out demos.

You can read all the announcements by clicking this link. But here's the stuff we loved and hated...


Jack Tretton saying sorry


All eyes were on the Sony superboss to see how he dealt with the fallout from the biggest security breach in gaming history. Tretton got the tone spot on, dealing with the multi-million dollar elephant in the room straight away, striking a genuinely contrite figure as he apologised first to Sony's commercial partners and then, crucially, to the fans who were deprived of online gaming and the PS Store for weeks. Note also there was no place for the comedy grandstanding of Kevin Butler this year. Although there were no additional freebie sweetners, Tretton handled the delicate situation smartly. Which is more than can be said for his get-up this year. Did he dress in the dark? Between the glowing tan, salmon pink shirt and electric blue tie he looked like a mafia underboss in a made-for-TV gangster movie.


No GTA V or MGS5

Both looked like longshots going into the show, but that didn't stop plenty of us backing a surprise appearance for one of the megafranchises. To be honest, we would have settled for a sniff of a new PS3 God of War, or perhaps a glimpse of whatever Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is doing next. An announcement of that size would have seen Sony being able to make a strong claim to winning the E3 hype war, but as things stand Nintendo is now in the box seat with its Wii successor set to steal the show.


Let them eat affordable 3DTVs!

This one was a surprise. Sony has bet its not inconsiderable farm on 3D taking off, but the high price of 3DTVs has left the tech in danger of dying on the vine. The answer: a 24-inch PlayStation-badged 3DTV bundle which also includes a copy of Resistance 3, a six-foot HDMI cable and a set of glasses for $499. The screen might be small, but surprisingly it turns out you'll be able to play split-screen on it with both players getting a complete 3D image. Assuming the same straight Euro conversion used (annoyingly) for the Vita pricing, that would pitch the bundle at around £445 in the UK. Not peanuts, clearly, but far more likely to fit a gamer's budget. Intriguing they chose to bundle Resistance 3 though - perhaps, given the somewhat drab demo, they're worried about the alien-bothering shooter not selling.


Too long spent on so-so games


Yeah, okay, we know you've got to talk about Move, but did anyone really need to see that much of Medieval Moves other than the close families of the people making it. Ugh. Why not spend that time demoing something genuinely ace like Starhawk, which mystifyingly only appeared as a CG trailer despite the fact it's been demoed for journalists all over the world recently. An odd call, but not an unusual one for Sony E3 pressers, which can lose momentum by spending too much time with less than stellar software. You remember Genji, right?


Ken Levine drops Bioshock bombs

In contrast, we'd happily have watched a big ol' bunch more Bioshock Infinite footage. It was nip and tuck between this and Uncharted 3 as to what the single sexiest thing at Sony's show was, and we'd probably give it to Naughty Dog's game just because it was a live demo, but 2K's blue sky shooter is looking utterly astonishing. And not just because of Elizabeth's tumultuous chest. Irrational overlord also appeared on-stage to reveal how Sony had won him over to the Move tech (no mention of a brown envelope stuffed with cash, sadly) and then finished with a flourish by telling the excitable crowd that the next Bioshock after Infinite will be a Vita game. Ka. Boom.

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