Sony: 5 best E3 moments

Our most memorable moments from the PS3 platform holder...

We've been though our favourite bits from Microsoft's E3 history, now it's time to move to platform holder number two.

Sony's by no means in second place when it comes to stand-out moments on gaming's biggest stage, though. The custodian of the PlayStation name has more than a few big moments to its name.

They stretch right back to the original E3 of 1995 as well. In fact, let's start there. Don't forget to give us your favourite moments.


This one's going way back to the happier days of 1995, when E3 had just begun and cartoons were good. Sony was making its first stride into the unfamiliar world of console gaming with the PlayStation.


Sega was the opposition at the time with its Saturn and clear favourites, you would have thought, to outdo the new comers. But Sega had had two underwhelming hardware attempts with the Sega CD and the 32X so, in a way, it was all or nothing for the experienced platform holder.

"A $399 price tag and the 'bombshell' that the Sega Saturn is in stores right now should do the trick" the execs apparently thought. More fool them.

Not only was the sudden Sega Saturn stock a bit of a nightmare for retailers, but the $399 price tag pitched by Sega was blown out of the water by newbie rivals with a single shot.

Immediately following Sega's announcement, Sony ended its conference with a three digit presentation from the then SCEA president. He strolled on stage said, "$299" and left. Boom, game over, see you next year. Maybe.


Sony got a surprise visit from David Jaffe last year but it was perhaps, overshadowed by Valve's Gabe Newell.

With Newell being more than a little bit vocal about his not so favourable thoughts on the PS3 for a long time, you might have thought that this was the first ever hostile E3 invasion.

But no, the events that followed put smiles of PS3 fans for two reasons. Newell announced that Portal 2 would be coming to the PS3 and, more importantly, he revealed that it would come with Steam support.

With that Steam support extending beyond Portal 2 to the PS3 generally, not only did Sony have the support of one of gaming's favourite developers (and the best version of Portal 2 according to Gabe) but a real show of commitment and partnership with Steam.

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Killzone doesn't make many lists. As far as the FPS genre is concerned, it often sits happily in the top tier without blowing too many minds.


It often picks up criticism for its narrative prowess, its characters or its controls, but in one area Guerilla was able to knock it out of the park.

We're talking about the Killzone 2 in-game demo which set a benchmark for graphical quality on the PlayStation 3.

Essentially it was fifteen minutes of visual awesome on a level that a lot of people had for a long time refused to believe was possible. With the live demo coming less than a year after the PS3's release, it was a showcase of the machine's raw power and a declaration of things to come as far as the quality of Sony exclusives were concerned.

Did Killzone 2 live up to its E3 demo in the end? That's different and far more ferocious debate.


Grand Theft Auto 3 represented the 3D jump for the popular franchise and the start of its global infamy as one of the most anticipated games with every iteration. Look at how silly we get over potential GTA V details...

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