Modern Warfare 3 leak - what really happened? New PSM3 podcast NOW LIVE!

We make wild, ballistic-knife-style stabs in the dark about COD's latest leak, plus chat to Brink devs about the PSN hack

What a fortnight it's been! Modern Warfare 3 leaked - in its entirety - onto the internet, PSN has whirred back into life, Eurovision, er, happened and now - to round things off - there's another great PSM3 podcast. And it's something of a world-first for us. Why? It's the first time we've guest-starred a games developer on the podcast. Ed Stern, lead writer on multi-player shooter Brink, pops in to chat about online gaming and the PSN hack.

We also put the world to rights - in typical PSM3 fashion - on the mega-Modern Warfare 3 leak. With the whole story and majority of the gameplay secrets spilled all over the net, we look at Kotaku's decision to publish the info, come up with wild conspiracy theories about how they got hold of it, and speculate about what it means for the industry. Oh, and if you don't want to know about Modern Warfare 3 itself: don't worry, our podcast is SPOILER FREE!

We round things off by answering your questions - including searing, world-exclusive insight into what each team member had for breakfast. Ah yes, we're never far from the very cutting edge of journalism, even if we use a spoon for much of it.

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