Should Sony give PSN users credit instead of free PS3 games?

Debate: Are criticisms of Sony's apologetic offering well founded?

The gift of 2 free PS3 and/or PSP games for the Sony faithful as part of the platform holder's apologetic PSN Welcome Back pack has cause something of a split in the PlayStation seas.

While most of you lot were more than pleased with the offering and able to find at least a couple of titles that tickled your fancy, some of the collectors amongst us found there wasn't a game in the bunch they hadn't played to death.


It caused a bit of flak to be thrown in Sony's direction, which we suppose is fair enough since those that have bought into the Sony empire with gusto are missing out on a big chunk of the compensation package, even though they suffered the same gruelling PSN down time.

However, as Sony rightly pointed out, an audience of 77 million is impossible to cater for perfectly and the games on offer are by no means barrel-scrapings.

But should Sony have taken a leaf from Auntie Jean's book and said, "I don't know what you young'uns are into these days so I got you a voucher."

Essentially, would the offer of PlayStation Store credit have been a better offer than a limited selection of games, so that PSN users could put the cash towards something that they didn't already have?

Remember that there was a lot more to the Welcome Back Pack than the free games as well, and perhaps the process of determining and distributing straight up cyber cash raises new problems. How much is enough, for example?

To those of you dissatisfied with the game payout, what would you have liked instead?