The PlayStation Network is back online: Your reaction

Debate: Where were you when you heard the news?

Today brought the news that we've all been waiting for, the PlayStation Network is finally creeping back online and we want your final reaction.

Now that the PSN is alive once more, and you can see the whole picture, what's your verdict on how Sony handled the whole thing from the initial revelation that thousands of users had had personal information stolen right through to rolling out access to PlayStation's online facilities?


Has Sony been swift in your eyes or sluggish? Did you feel looked after or left in the dark? Does the platform holder still have work to do or are you just looking forward to logging in after so long?

Has today been one of overwhelming joy for you PS3 fans now that you're finally able to compete in some healthy online competition, are you over the moon that you finally have access to community content, or were you quite happy playing in peaceful solidarity?

Also, why not tell us what was number one on your To Do list? What game or download did you rush to first when you heard the news (no changing your password isn't a game)?

Most importantly, does the return of the PlayStation Network allow you to put this whole debacle behind you? Obviously there's no reason to give any time to whoever was behind the attack, but can you forgive and forget the Sony security slip, or will you forever be looking over your cyber shoulder?

Oh, and finally, are there any CVG readers out there that are still waiting?