Sony's response to PlayStation Network down time, SOE hack: Is it enough?

Debate: Are you soothed by freebies and apologies during delays in getting the PSN back online?

During this seemingly endless spell of PSN down time, the fear of credit card fraud and identity theft feels like it's subsiding and being replaced with a longing for Sony to just hurry up and get the PlayStation Network back online.

It's a tough time for us all but, while it's perhaps unfair to comment on how long it's taking the platform holder to rectify this massive botch without understanding the true extent of the problem and processes, we can make judgment on Sony's response to the fans.


We've already asked you whether you'll be going back to the PSN once it is back online and the general response is rightly one of caution - but has Sony's handling of the situation helped soften the blow at all?

We've had a number of apologies from the firm as well as one from boss Howard Stringer, which is always appreciated.

Going above and beyond words though, Sony's also looking out for our identities by offering free insurance to both EU and US customers.

As the final gesture of apology, PSN users can also look forward to getting two free games upon the PSN's arrival back online.

Obviously none of this should have happened in the first place - but now Sony's showering us with gifts and remorseful words. Is it enough to make you forgive, even though you may not forget?