The 7 worst PS3 exclusives

The world's opinion on the worst stinkers to hit the PS3

After a slow start, Sony's PS3 now stands proud as a must-have console for many a gamer - boasting some of the best loved games this generation.

Excellent titles such as Uncharted, Heavy Rain, God of War, Killzone, Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid are all a major part of the console's success. Nonetheless, like any other console, there is a fine selection of exclusive titles available that are of less than 'questionable' quality.

Rather than prepare to barricade CVG headquarters from furious readers, we are again are relying on review averages taken from Gamerankings to scientifically prove why the games you love are right stinkers. check out our list of the seven worst reviewed PS3 exclusives below.

At least you might get some ironic enjoyment from them, right?

Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire [Target in Sight]
Namco, 2007

Gundam games have always been a flawed bunch at the best of times but Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire sets the bar so low that the only way other Gundam games wouldn't be able to rise above it would be if they flew directly into the ground.


How could they ruin a game which has giant robots in it you may ask? More easily than you would think it seems. The game is painfully slow in all forms, to start the framerate chugged along contently at the pace of a snail and heaven forbid more than one mobile suit appeared on the screen at the same time because then game would just about up and die. Your mech would heave itself slowly around the battlefield, possibly trying to catch its breath whenever it could, praying not to be thrown into another battle. The combat itself was an intensely frustrating affair: the bad cameras angles were as worthy an adversary as any enemy mech was.

Completely lacking in any entertainment value whatsoever we strongly urge don't put this game anywhere near your PS3 otherwise we can guarantee that as soon as your back has turned it will have degraded it to a PS2.

Cross Edge
Tecmo Koei, 2009

Bit of a cheeky first choice here since the game did see a release on 360 in Japan but if you want to enjoy the wonder that is Cross Edge in the West you would have to do it on your PS3.


Cross Edge is a title that had huge potential to be awesome with characters from well-known Japanese series such as Disgaea, Ar Tonelico and most bizarrely, Darkstalkers working together on a quest to save the world. Sadly, what we got instead was a strange and confusing mess of a game.

The game suffered from an overly complex battle system which was complemented by some incredibly unintuitive controls which in turn would bring up increasingly confusing sub menus meaning that it would take eons for players to understand how to actually play the game on a basic level.

Although Cross Edge provided a diverse cast of characters, the sheer number of them was its undoing and as a result the plot and character development was a cluttered muddle. This was not helped by the fact that graphically the game didn't look like it would be too out of place running on a PS1 and it was susceptible to slowdown, even after a 4GB optional install.

The Fight: Lights Out

Before the Playstation Move's release it appeared to the discerning gamer that there wasn't much on show that didn't look like a glorified mini-game collection. That was until The Fight: Light Out punched its way onto the Move line-up. Gritty and incredibly realistic-looking to boot, it appeared as though it was a title that could sell the Move to the 'hardcore.'

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