The Last Guardian: 'There are still so many parts I want to adjust or fix'

Ueda talks about Trico, puzzles and more...

Fumito Ueda and Team Ico have not only created two the PlayStation 2's finest games but also games that are almost universally praised for visuals, audio, atmosphere, emotion and much more.

It's no surprise then that the third game from the studio, The Last Guardian, is being eagerly anticipated by PS3 owners and watched with close attention by the industry as a whole.

We sat down with Fumito Ueda for a quick chat about The Last Guardian and how it felt showing it off for the first time.

How do you feel about revealing The Last Guardian gameplay for the first time?


Hmmm... To be honest, I was quite nervous. There are still so many parts I want to adjust or fix, so quite frankly there was a part of me that didn't want to show the game at all. I guess it can't be helped!

The game is clearly a mix of Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus. Was that intentional?

Yes, that was the original concept. Both Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus were on PlayStation 2, and now that we're on PlayStation 3, rather than find a new game mechanic, I wanted to take the things we'd already made and make something amazing on this new hardware with higher specs.

In Ico, if you leave Yorda alone she becomes vulnerable to attack. Will the Trico face similar peril if you wander too far?

Well, it's actually the opposite from Ico. The player character doesn't have much strength, so it feels perilous when you're alone. You will feel much safer when the Trico is with you.

Are there any large enemy creatures, like something the same size as Trico?

Hmmm... I wonder. Maybe, haha.

Is the whole of The Last Guardian set inside the citadel?

Yes. But it won't all be indoors. There won't be wide open expanses for you to traverse like in SOTC.

We saw you pick up a scented urn and use it to lead the Trico where you wanted it to go. What other devices will you include for luring the Trico?

There will be other objects, yes. The young boy can also use his own voice to call to the Trico. But since the boy was unable to reach that area, the urn was his only option. There will be some puzzles you can solve in a number of ways, but usually there will be just one pattern.

Is there a puzzle in the game of which you're proudest?

There is, but I can't talk about it. If I reveal too many of the puzzles now, it won't be fun to play! But rather than mathematics conundrums or unlocking rooms with keys, there are a lot of analogue puzzles that involve a living animal. There's a lot of variety.

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