Latest Battlefield 3 gameplay: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: A closer look at the latest footage from DICE...

Since pouring over the last shipment of Battlefield 3 gameplay footage, we've been anticipating the next insight into EA's potential COD killer a little bit more every day.

Good job EA released back-up when it did then, in the form of two new gameplay videos.

In terms of dissection, Battlefield 3 doesn't really lend itself to being picked apart like L.A Noire might do with endless amounts of character traits, plot points and potential spoilers to be picked out. It's a military FPS, so to a degree, what you see is what you get.

But it's an FPS that's using DICE's new Frostbite 2.0 engine - and what we see is pretty darn incredible.

You'll excuse us then if we spend this little dissection point out some of the potentially finer points of Battlefield 3 as well as a feature or two that we can reasonably expect to see.


Our eyes are impressed right from the off and, like we've said in previous Battlefield 3: Dissected pieces, it's the lighting that really grabs us.

A lot of FPS games get criticised for being washed-out, dull, two-tone displays and we have to admit that Battlefield 3 is no rainbow. But although there's only a few shades of grey greeting us on the screen that scorching sunlight justifies it.

It's so bright, stark and well executed that you can actually feel the heat and the dominate white of the sun's rays means that the game lacks colour but maintains its vibrancy, dodging the dull bullet.


The most important and impressive visual offering in Battlefield 3, however, is most likely to centre around Frostbite 2.0's destructive capabilities. While it's going to be epic set-pieces that cause the most jaws to drop, it looks like there's going to be just as much focus on the little things.

You'll notice twice in this short segment of footage that two plant pots get obliterated - maybe ol' snipes is just keeping himself well oiled until our folk pop their heads into sight again - but we don't mind because the amount of detail that they splinter into (leaves, soil, pot and all) is a little treat visually.


In terms of visuals, this next shot just depicts a few blokes crawling across a roof - no great shakes - but it's what's said that interesting.

As another plat-pot is picked off a ledge the squad leader warns his team-mates that cover is eroding.

It's nothing new in the Battlefield series, but it's nice to see the first glimpse of Battlefield 3's continuing use of destructible cover to keep players on their toes.


The gameplay snippet ends just as our protagonist blows a whole in the hotel that's acting as a base for that pesky sniper. Sure, it might seem like a bit of a drastic measure to take, but when a sniper is dug in deep and could have any one of your team in his sights about to pull the trigger you can't take any risks. Bring the building down, then.

Our question, however, is how much of the building is actually brought down. The camera cuts away pretty quickly after impact but from what we can tell it's just the face of the building that falls away.

Don't get us wrong it falls away absolutely wonderfully in a cloud of dust and debris, but if you catch it right near the end, it looks like the bulk of the main structure is left pretty much in tact.

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