Nintendo 3DS: The 5 hidden Easter Eggs you need to know about

Raving menus, AR card mischief and ghostly magnets...

The Nintendo 3DS lands in Europe this Friday, but Japanese gamers (and CVG) have had consoles for weeks, and we've been busy uncovering the handheld's many secrets.

From AR cards games to StreetPass software and Face Raiders, the 3DS really is stuffed full of software - and the Easter Eggs we've uncovered below prove the software roster's not just a shallow addition either.

As always, if you uncover anything cool that we've not mentioned in this article, stick your discoveries in the comments section below and we'll take a look...

If it weren't for our words, it probably would've taken you several days or weeks to notice the little Easter Egg behind the Nintendo 3DS's Home menus.

The 3DS menu items spin - this looks good in the third dimension, y'see. Accidentally rub the consoles built-in microphone however, and you'll notice them spin a little faster. Yell at your console, and it'll even bop up and down in a little menu jig. Take it to a nightclub and it'll blow your mind...

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This one's our favourite: hidden among the boxed mini-games in the 3DS's AR Card section is a relaxing and visually impressive Fishing game. Finish it, and you'll unlock the AR Card shop, wherein you'll be able to purchase the even more relaxing (but only equally visually impressive) Free Fishing game, which offers unlimited hook, line and sinker thrills.


Of course the 3DS camera uses the '?' Box card to display its augmented reality magic, but did you know different events occur during fishing depending on the colour of the surface you've placed the card?

A blue surface, for example, will cause a gang of sardines to come swimming into your pool, while a red surface will send an army of Mario Cheep Cheeps stampeding into your waters - and you can catch them too.

We won't spoil them all, but if you manage to find more than four different colours the AR cards react to, let us know in the comments below.

Here's one to spook and confuse your housemates with on 3DS launch day; select a noisy 3DS game menu screen (Super Street Fighter IV 3D is a good one) and then close the handheld.

As you'd expect, the system will go into sleep mode and all will be quiet... until you release the spectral spooks that spawn when you place your console on top of another 3DS or DS light, that is, and the console magically comes alive... while still shut!

Scary stuff. Frightening Nintendo spirits, or magnet interference? You decide.

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Those of you lucky enough to own a DSi will know Nintendo's updated DS features some pretty awesome audio visualiser software based on old school game franchises - and it looks even better in 3D.


The 3DS features all of the visualisers from the DSi with an extra dimension - but it's not all repurposed content. One new screen based on the plafrom holder's ancient Game & Watch handhelds has Mr. Game & Watch and friend playing footy - and a twiddle of the circle pad reveals you can actually play it.

Moving Mr. G&W left and right - and even further into the background, 3D fans - you can enjoy your own tunes while boosting the scoreboard in the background by chaining together as many headers as possible.

It's already been established that the AR cards are one of the absolute best things about the 3DS, but did you know you can make your AR characters larger with a bit of DIY?


The 3DS box comes with several character cards including Mario, Link, Pikmin and Samus, and they're all smaller than an iPod. But if you want to get a picture taken alongside a life-size Kirby of even your own Mii, don't wait for Nintendo's plus-size Club Nintendo cards, find the images online (try here), print them off on a gigantic piece of a paper and let your 3DS do the rest.

You can even display the card images on an iPad and your 3DS will magically boost them up to Apple size. Good stuff.