Battlefield 3 gameplay: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: Picking apart the latest in-game footage

Our first real look at Battlefield 3 arrived this morning as EA was kind enough to tack together some decent sized gameplay chunks and put them out into the wild for all to see.

Because this morning's Battlefield 3 trailer wasn't done in the usual flashy, choppy style we all got a chance to see how the game really looks and how it might play out.


We have to say, visually speaking, it looks fantastic not least because of some of the amazing lighting effects, which hit you in the face from the off. Look at the way the sun reflects off a puddle on the road in this first shot for example. It almost makes you want to shield your monitor.


With this next shot we get a look at Battlefield 3's HUD and there are a few things to point out. It'll be pretty familiar to Battlefield players; it's fairly minimal, with a small bar compass and key characters highlighted by a marker (in this case the bloke who we assume is a squad leader of some sort is marked with an instructional 'Follow' icon).

You'll also notice we get a bit of information on who we'll be playing as, at least in this particular part of the game; Marine SSgt Henry 'Black' Blackburn, 1st Recon. It also tells us the team is currently near the Iranian Border and it's 1pm... Zulu time.


A glitchy cut later and we're being briefed by this fellow, talking about a team who were investigating a possible chemical weapons site. With words like "last known position" and "bad part of town" being thrown around, it sounds like we're being sent to find a group of missing allies in a hostile environment.

Also notice the reflection in the scope. Just a nice little detail, that.


We like this section of the footage as well, again for lighting reasons. The way it shoots through slats in the window looks pretty amazing, especially as it lights up all the dust particles in the room so that you can actually make out clouds of higher density. Now that's attention to detail.


This is where everything starts to kick-off as the team is ambushed. We've got some nice blood effects coming out of the poor tinker in front of us and he actually looks even better close up as the player goes to drag him out of the line of fire.


You'll notice the HUD prompts the player to tap S (yes, it's on PC and a really high-end one by the looks of it), but we can't tell whether it's requiring you to tap it in order to drag your friend to safety or to bark orders at your men, since the main character is doing both.

And although that guy on the right looks like he's doing a really enthusiastic hand gesture (whatever that popular Alan G man does with his fingers. What is it? Boom-Yakashar? Kids, today ey?) he's actually throwing a grenade.


Finally we like this shot because it shows some nicely detailed splintering of the surrounding environment, hinting at the Bad Company-style destruction that we're hoping to see a lot more of soon.

Tell us what you think of the trailer and Battlefield 3 as a whole so far in the comments below. What did you spot that got you excited about its release, and was there anything in the gameplay that caused some reservations?