Thief 4: World's first screenshot unleashed

Garrett makes his return

An image of a screen - stay with us here - showing what's reported to be Thief 4 has made its way onto the internet.


The image shows a hooded character, who we're going to assume is series protagonist Garrett using a bow and arrow.

In the background a large, building with plenty of protruding ledges can be seen (anyone for some Assassin's Creed style climbing?).

Series fans will also note that the game seems to have dropped the first-person perspective in favour of a the third-person view. A decision that former Thief designer and BioShock creator Ken Levine might argue with.

Eidos Montreal has admitted Thief 4 is one "worst kept secret in the industry" and originally confirmed the title in May 2009.

Since then rumors of a PlayStation 3 version of the game emerged. Square Enix teased a GDC reveal of the game in January, so we may get a better look at it next week.