Can Bulletstorm revitalise the FPS genre?

Debate: Is a dose of fun all that's needed?

You've read our review, you may well even have the game in your hands now we want to know what impact you think Bulletstorm will have on the FPS genre.

The cheeky chaps over at Epic and People Can Fly clearly think that the FPS genre has taken itself too seriously for too long and has become boring as a result. But is Bulletstorm the answer?


Okay so you may not have had chance to play it to completion yet but you'll no doubt have a good idea about the tone the game is setting - It's hardly reserved afterall.

Is an over-the-top (dare we say "flamboyant"?) approach to FPS action exactly what the genre needs to kick it out of an overly-serious, dusty, gray military mentality.

If you're an FPS purist, maybe Bulletstorm takes it too far. Do you struggle to take the Epic and People Can Fly attempt seriously?

Heck, you might think that the FPS genre is perfectly fine as it is, you might think that the fact it takes itself so seriously is all part of its charm and popularity.

Let us know what you think; does Bulletstorm represent a new era for a new kind of shooter, or will it be knocked to the curb by the kings of FPS?