Modern Warfare 3: Would you welcome Ghost back?

Debate: Is a Ghostly COD prequel the way to go?

Rumours of a return for Ghost to the Modern Warfare series were strengthened on Friday thanks to the team over at Official PlayStation Magazine.

The reason for the reappearance of the skull faced fellow, according to online rumours back in January, is that Modern Warfare 3 will be a prequel, which leaves us with two very important COD questions on our hands.


While Ghost is an FPS favourite for many, some of you are less than moved by the man, and there are a lot of COD comrades who would rather see the stories of Price and Soap progress rather than dwell on the past with a Ghostly prequel.

Heck, a lot of you want to say goodbye to the continuity altogether, so to start filling in every little bit of uncovered Modern Warfare territory would be a step in the wrong direction for a lot of fans.

For those of you who are eager to see more of Ghost, what would you want to see in a Modern Warfare prequel? How would you like to see it handled?

The big questions everyone needs to answer then are; do you want a Modern Warfare prequel and, if so, do you want it to be Ghost heavy?