New Resistance 3 trailer: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: 34 screenshots from the latest footage

Since our tail's run dry on the L.A Noire case (for now), this week we'll be moving our analytical skills towards Resistance 3 - and the particularly bleak situation that made up the latest trailer released by Insomniac.


First of all, let's take a moment to breathe in the atmosphere (even though doing so would mean ingesting enough debris to fill a swimming pool). The first thing that hits us about this section of Resistance 3 is the sheer amount of gubbins flying through the air. You might dismiss it as a superficial visual treat, but we think it adds to the chaos of the segment and we're hoping that

If you're not familiar with the latest Resistance happenings, we should point out that the human race finds itself on the back foot against the Chimera. Protagonist Joseph Capelli has been forced into hiding with family and friends up until now when he is given a glimmer of hope through Dr. Malikov, which brings him and his fellow survivors out for one last push.


Hence why we'll be fighting alongside this average looking chap to defend New Haven against inconveniently aggressive Chimera being dropped off in relatively challenging groups.

To begin with it looks like we'll be going up against the standard multi-eyed foe. Until the bounding Chimera we saw in the liver action trailer back In January make an appearance.


They're called Long Legs (you can hear one of the survivors shout the name), for the reason you might expect, and they have a strict 'death from above' approach to killing. Their abilities are demonstrated no better than when one of the Long Legs lands on a survivor completely crushing him. He even pulls off the head, because you can never be too sure.


The next shot shows one of the Hybrid Chimera reacting to a grenade by throwing itself on the floor. We've seen it from the Hybrid and the Steelhead in previous games as an evasive manoeuvre - not an altogether effective one as the trailer shows. It almost looks like the suicide Chimera is sacrificing himself to dampen the blast and save his alien buddies.

The next point of interest comes once we're sucked into first-person view. It means we get a proper look at a few of the weapons in Resistance 3 even if they are just versions of what we've seen so far.

At the moment, Capelli's got a Marksman, Auger and Bullseye in a 12 slot inventory wheel along with the trusty Pistol.


Resistance veterans will have already mentally selected the Bullseye as the weapon of choice to deal with those nimble Long Legs thanks to its tagging ability which allows players to hit their target with a tag shot and then send a wave of homing shots to finish the job with certainty. Only this time the tag also provides this nice golden arc so you can see where your target has darted off to and the path your line of fire is going to take.


The trailer ends with the arrival of a new type of Chimera called the Brawler. We've also seen them referred to as Hulks and it doesn't take a genius to work out why; the beast of a foe flips cars with equal amounts of ease and rage.

There's no doubt will have to go toe-to-toe with this one and, daunting though that might sound, we'd suggest aiming for glowing bits beneath his armour. If game logic has taught us anything (and we hope it has because we base our lives on it) glowing bits on bosses need to be shot (Rule 433).

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