Sony NGP vs 3DS: Which will you buy?

Debate: The handheld battle begins...

It's been an exciting week for gamers after Sony revealed its PSP2 - or its NGP (Next Generation Portable) - just over a week after Nintendo held its 3DS launch event.

If you like a bit of gaming on the move, then this past ten days has certainly been for you.


But now we have a weighty and truly important question on our hands: When faced with the choice of an NGP or a 3DS, which will you buy?

Here we have two very different gaming portables. Nintendo's 3DS will provide the usual lower end graphics of the generation but is likely to capture the imaginations of many with some neatly innovative support and software. Let's not forget the all-important glasses-free 3D visuals as well.

Sony's NGP, on the other hand, is a real powerhouse. With an incredible amount of tech crammed into its shell, it's thought to challenge the PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of relative output and overall experience. It's also had a fair few big names attached to its potential game catalogue come release.

Of course, one of the biggest issues in this whole debate will be the price. While the 3DS price has been nailed down (kind of), the amount of gold you'll have to fork out for the NGP is yet to be announced and many are concerned that it'll be considerably more than Nintendo's offering. It's not like the 3DS pricing was received with beaming smiles either.

In the end the two handhelds each cater to different areas of the gaming market, but there's a lot of crossover too. So, which handheld do you think will emerge victorious, and which one are you saving the pennies for?