Metal Gear Solid: Rising - What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

Metal Gear Solid: Rising is a game that we already know a fair bit about: Handled by a new Konami team, Rising is set to spawn a new series that runs alongside the original Metal Gear Solid story.

Of course, it also takes the blonde-haired child soldier turned semi-cyborg badass Raiden as its super sharp sword swinging protagonist.

While producer Shigenobu Matsuyama has emphasised that there's still a strong stealth element at the heart of Rising, it looks like a much more action-packed, fast paced title than the aging Snake's last snooping adventure.


The actual mechanic of being able to slice any object at any angle and have it react according to real-world physics certainly looks very impressive but there's still a long way to go before we get a proper idea of how this one's going to turn out.

Here's what it would take to make us dip into our incredibly shallow pockets, let us know what you want to see in Rising in the comments below.

We've heard about 'Cut At Will', we've seen 'Cut At Will' but will we actually get to Cut At Will?

If you've ever been to the cinema to see a comedy and realised that all the funny bits were in the trailer, you'll know what we mean. So far we've seen Raiden cut through limbs, guns, pillars, vans and melons - a good range of items but we need to be able to slice all items.

Within reason obviously: We don't expect to come up to a locked cast iron door and, rather than go hunting for a key code, just slice through that mother. The game would be over in an hour if a potential solution to every problem was 'slice it up good'.

But, if this is a physics-based mechanic, we do expect to be able to slice through wooden doors, for example. What we don't want is slice-specific areas where the game's coolest feature is only made truly available at certain points - much like Batman's grapple gun in Arkham Asylum.

We're impressed with what we've seen, and the whole 'Cut At Will' mantra looks like it will be properly infused throughout the game. We just pray we haven't seen everything that sword can do in the trailer.

One thing that has bothered us throughout the Metal Gear series, and indeed any stealth-based series now that we think about it, is the haphazard intelligence of the enemy AI.

A platoon of khaki-clad henchmen might be very efficient at flanking and advancing in an all-out gun fight but they do tend to become a little bit numb when dealing with an unseen threat.


You know what we're talking about: When Paul sees his colleague Jerome slump to the ground and fall into a sudden slumber, the last thing he should be doing is wandering over to the same spot to see what happened. And, if Jerome does wake-up, he shouldn't just shrug off his impromptu slumber as "one of those things" and just get on with his day, he should be seriously worried and sniffing for answers.

We ended up with a pile of snoozing guards more times than we would've liked in the MGS series. While slightly dubious AI was a god-send at some of the harder stages, we'd like to see enemies with a good head on their shoulders in Rising before we slice it off.

It became clear fairly early on in Rising's marketing that this was not to be a Hideo Kojima lead production and that it would instead be driven by a separate team at Kojima Productions - one set aside from the usual MGS team.

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