PSP2 price: How much would you pay for NGP?

Debate: How much is fair for Sony to ask?

Sony's this morning revealed the hugely impressive PSP2 - or Next Generation Portable - spewing forth a tidal wave of eyebrow-raising details. However, it left one big question mark still hanging in the air: the console's price.

Last week, Nintendo revealed its own next-gen handheld, the 3DS - and although the platform holder didn't set an official European price for it, retailers over here are going with price tags of around £230.


Some Ninty fans have expressed a feeling that such a hefty chunk of change is too much, despite the innovative glasses-free 3D capabilities of the console.

When it comes to PSP2, however, price tag predictions will be naturally higher. Sony detailed the official PSP2 spec list earlier and, hardware-wise, it shattered expectations.

On a technical level, PSP2 far outstrips the 3DS - with none other than Epic Games claiming its GPU its four times more powerful than any other handheld. Heck, it packs a punch that full-on consoles would be happy with.

Which leaves the all important, slightly concerning, question: How much will this mammoth technology cost consumers?

Did you set yourself a budget before the big reveal and, considering the technology and what's already looking like a pretty strong line-up of games, has your upper limit changed at all?

What would be fair: £200? £300? £400? If you're looking to get in on the action, how much are YOU willing to shell out for PSP2?