New L.A Noire trailer: Dissected

Video Analysis: 39 screenshots from the Rockstar thriller

We'll admit it: L.A Noire is one of our favourite games to dissect. As we're going through the footage frame-by-frame, we actually feel like detectives trying to solve a crime. So, come join us on a rather grisly adventure...

This one's a tough walnut to crack, and focuses on a serial killer slaying women across Hollywood. See. Told you it was grisly.

Our aim is to solve the case before L.A Noire even hits shelves (which is in May, by the way). Notepads at the ready...


The trailer starts with a call over police radio alerting officers to a "possible 44" and issuing a Code 2.

Having spent 14 years between us protecting the streets of LA in the LAPD, we can tell you that a Code 2 is a request for available units to respond urgently and, while we can't put our finger one what a '44' is on its own, an 11-44 is a 'possible homicide' - a 44 is probably just a homicide.

Looking at the opening scene of the trailer, and from all the death we've seen in L.A Noire so far, we'd say that fits.

Look at the screen grab a bit closer though and you'll notice in the background that there's what appears to be a construction worker on his knees with his hands on his head.

That suggests that this particular scene isn't the aftermath of a straight up murder but perhaps a robbery or hostage situation gone wrong.

We're becoming a bit desensitised to death though, since there are usually more murder victims in an L.A Noire trailer than there are in an entire series of Poirot and about twice as many suspects.

This time, however, we are getting closer to the murderer himself (or at least one of them) since the voiceover in this trailer includes the line, "I don't know the names of the women I've killed, but I've killed many of them." Open and shut case then, surely? What are you waiting for lads, where are the cuffs?


The voice appears to come from this chap, though, who continues to say, "The way they look at me, the way they flinch at my touch. So be it."

We think that Mr. Overreaction there is actually already known to the police. Maybe when we get in-game we'll be talking to him in prison or he could actually be just one of many murderers players need to apprehend in the story.


The trailer does focus on "four women, all murdered, all put on display, all with messages." A colleague of Cole's is also willing to bet a months salary that they're dealing with a copycat.

That links back to the idea that the fellow who was awfully open about his crimes just a moment ago is someone who's already been through the judicial system. It sounds like our current murderer is trying to follow in his footsteps.


Later, we get a look at who could well be the killer. A scene shows a long shot of a man on the phone with a slightly distorted voice over saying, "This world is only temporary. I'm helping people be together."

Remember how trailers work though, the voice could have nothing to do with that particular scene, with those swines on the production team just sticking the two together to lead us astray.

Either way, if this is the killer talking, his motives sound based in some twisted idealism more than anything.


Let's get on to those messages Phelps was talking about. We get a relatively clear, if only partial, shot of one of them, written on the torso of a body in what we think could be lipstick. The bit we can read contains the word "Blood" (with an 'E' before it) and the initials "BD".

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