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Infinity Blade

One blade to rule them all...

How do you make a deep RPG that can be enjoyed in short bursts? An epic quest that isn't going to grow confusing if you leave it alone for a short while?

Well Chair Entertainment appear to have found the answer.


Infinity Blade begins with the malevolent God-King, his strength boosted by the Infinity Blade's power, slaying a brave warrior. Twenty years later it picks up the story of that fallen fighter's son, out on a journey to avenge his father.

A dozen or so fights later our hero faces the God-King and dies too. Then it all begins again. And again...

You play as these vengeful sons, pushing on through a towering citadel, slaying everything in your path until you meet your father's killer.

The journeys are all the same, but each son inherits XP, money and gear to narrow the seemingly insurmountable odds.

A point-and-click style movement interface keeps things ticking over nicely (you can look around and collect items prior to each scrap), which keeps the focus on the faultless fighting. Swiping the screen slashes in that direction, tapping the shield icon blocks and tapping the side arrows dodges.

Swipe into an incoming shot and you parry. Conversely, dodge into an attack arc and you'll get hit. Magic rings let you paint runes with your finger for spells, and each foe has unique attack patterns to keep you forever guessing.

It works tremendously well, and the game's rinse-and-repeat quest line makes it easy to come and go in short bursts.

But don't be fooled into thinking that this game is shallow.

The wealth of weapons and armour to be found and bought adds significant depth, turning Infinity Blade into the rarest of beasts: a weighty RPG that can still be enjoyed whenever you have a few seconds spare.

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The verdict

An expert slice of role-playing goodness, with impressive depth and a novel control system

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Chair Entertainment
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Action, RPG