Mass Effect 3: What we want to see

Here's our list, but what do YOU want?

Mass Effect 2 was an incredible experience. We're certain that it will have a fair share of 'game of the year' awards when gaming outlets start dishing them out later this month.

Bioware's sci-fi role-playing franchise has gone from strength to strength; while the first game had its fair share of flaws overall it was an incredibly exceptional game that breathed new life and character into an overused and somewhat clichéd genre.

Mass Effect 2 built on the strengths of the first game and streamlined the RPG elements of the game, allowing players to focus more on the unique characters, their relationships and ultimately on deciding their fate.

It's no wonder then that expectations for Mass Effect 3 are astronomical and judging from the trailer released late last week, we're pretty sure that Bioware is acutely aware of that fact.

The short but oh so sweet trailer for Mass Effect 3 concluded with Shepard turning away from a burning planet Earth relying on him to be its savour with a quiet, confident and determined resolve. We can't help but feel Shepard's demeanour reflects Bioware's attitude.

If that wasn't enough, studio co-founder Ray Muzyka said he believes that Bioware's best work is still to come, which makes us even more excited about the newly announced Mass Effect.

We're pretty sure BioWare will do a bang up job with ME3, but that won't stop us from putting together a list of things that we want to see in the final chapter of the Mass Effect trilogy.

We're not sure how it went down in your campaigns, but a fair few of us spent hours and hours developing our Shepard so that we'd be able to discharge the infamous 'Wrex' moment without losing one of the games coolest characters. And we were mighty proud when we managed to pull it off.


Imagine our disappointment then when we learned that you could only make use of the data import feature in Mass Effect 2 if you had a completed save game that didn't have a new career started on it, followed by the crushing realisation that the game assumed that (spoilers!) Wrex was dead. We're not sure if there's a way to suggest he lived in the conversation with Miranda at the start but as you can imagine we're not too keen on starting a new campaign just to find out, at the risk of botching another opportunity to carry our game into ME3.

Hopefully Mass Effect 3 will be a little more forgiving on its requirements, but not just that, we'd like to see our actions in Mass Effect 2 have more of an impact in the next game both in terms of the story and world as well as the character development. DLC such as Shadow Broker suggests that ME3 will be far more in touch with Shepard's history and the state of the universe as he left it in Mass Effect 2, and after the events of Shadow Broker, we can't wait to see what happens next.

This one is short and simple. We love learning about the Mass Effect universe, the lore on different species, institutions, cities and events fascinates us. We also like playing the game, what we don't like is picking between doing one or the other.


We'd like to see BioWare take a page out of the BioShock/Batman school of information delivery and allow us to listen to the information provided in the Codex in the background while playing the game at the same time. We'd be far more inclined to explore the numerous info packets if we didn't have to stare at a menu to do so, it affects the pace of the game and pulls us out of the experience.

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