PS3's 20 best Blu-rays

Part 2: Don't miss out on these

In part one we covered the first ten of the best Blu-rays currently available for the PS3.

In part two we're going to list ten of the absolute best Blu-ray offerings on the market. These would not only make great gifts this Christmas but are also essential part of any Blu-ray collection.

No Country For Old Men: The Coen Brothers' razor sharp characters deserve a razor sharp picture transfer. Here they get it, in one of the most highly detailed Blu-ray pictures we've ever seen.

From every strand of Chigurh's ludicrous hair to the unflinching detail on seeping leg wounds, 1080p finds immense subtlety in the Coens' deceptively simple style.
Price: £8.85 (Amazon)

Blade Runner: Final Cut: Ridley Scott's lavishly re-mastered final cut is Scott's definitive cut, cleaned up to the extent that it could easily pass for a brand spanking new film. Sure, there are newer sci-fi films that will show off your Blu-ray capabilities better, but most pale when compared to Ridley Scott's epic.
Price: £9.99 (Amazon.co.uk)

Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary: Two of the best action comedy sci-fi blockbusters ever committed to film (er, and the goofier Part 3) get a reverential Blu-ray treatment.

The transfer itself brings us the films in glorious detail, revealing sight gags and quirky asides lost in standard definition. Okay, a few of the special effects don't cope so well with such an unflinching eye for detail, but it all adds to the charm.

The trilogy really shines in its special features, in particular the Michael J Fox-free footage.
Price: £22.99 (Amazon.co.uk)

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