Metal Gear Solid Rising: Dissected

23 screenshots of Raiden's slice 'em up

We're getting into this CSI trailer lark so much that we've started to think about what other little tidbits we can unearth from footage past.

Despite being unveiled months ago at E3, we still don't know a hell of a lot about Metal Gear Solid: Rising - the first MGS game to abandon Snake and pass the protagonist hat on to Raiden for the entirety of the title.

The Rising E3 trailer was made up of the typical cinematic sequence - full of the epic Kojima stamped stances - as well as a nice bit of slashy gameplay stuck on the end.


The first thing we want to point out is actually the opening scene of the trailer showing Raiden's sword with a few bullet holes dotted down the blade.

The reason we bring it up is because it shows that Raiden uses the sword as a defensive as well as offensive weapon.

We wonder whether this is just for the purposes of a nice trailer opening or whether we can actually expect an interesting, bullet deflecting mechanic within the game.


We're soon introduced to this kind gentleman, who has a hint of Helghast about him. It's probably just the eyes.

Armoured up to his brains he looks like quite the adversary. The style of the armour fits with what we saw in Metal Gear Solid 4 - something like the Haven Soldiers on steroids - but there's no immediate indication as to whether he's human or mech.


Whatever it is, it's searching for Raiden, who's lurking somewhere in the shadows and this is where we get what could be a glimpse of what's being touted as a new kind of stealth. Note the young pup's shadow gliding across the floor.

This time it's nimble, ninja skills that'll keep players out of trouble with what looks like a technique Batman would be proud of, darting in and out of shadows and ambushing enemies when they least expect it.


When Raiden finally does attack it's clear that the gun-armed guy is in fact at least partly mech as his body severs and spews that white artificial blood everywhere.

In perhaps what's not the best comparison in the world, it kind of reminds us of the artsy black and white scenes of Wet and we're kind of looking forward to seeing some beautiful white fountains of death ... Bit odd? Yeah maybe.


The electric blue organ Raiden finds inside the mech appears to be the developer's answer to rewarding the player for a kill and replenishing life.


Our hero appears to squeeze the life out of it before it splatters making his right eye glow Terminator red, which we assume is Raiden's way of telling you he's fully charged.


And with that new burst of energy it's on to the gameplay footage where Raiden is seen chopping through everything from brick to flesh (although Rising producer Shigenobu Matsuyama says you can complete the whole game without killing a single human).

We don't need to go into too much depth with the in-game mechanics, for a full and fun demonstration you should go and have a look at the watermelon, skittle slicing session from September.

The point is that Raiden's sword appears to be able to cut through absolutely anything - from flesh to vans - except picnic tables.

The features that are going to make the game in our eyes though is the ability to slow down time and cut weapons, walls and unwilling henchmen in absolutely any direction you want and the inclusion of realistic, real-time physics so that you can get creative with your chopping.

As always we've stuck more grabs from the trailer below, if you can spot anything in the footage itself be sure to flag it up in the comments below.