Call of Duty: Black Ops - The Ultimate multiplayer guide 2/2

Part 2: Treyarch teaches us a few more tricks of the multiplayer trade

In the first part of our Call of Duty: Black Ops ultimate multiplayer guide we talked to Treyarch's lead multiplayer designer David Vonderhaar to get a few tips on the basics of the mechanics as well as a few of Treyach's favourite loadouts.

In part 2 we'll be getting advice on how to get our virtual bank balance overflowing with CoD Points, taking a closer look at Contracts, Killstreaks and get a few tips for the Wager matches.

CoD Points, or CP, is the cash that'll buy you weapons, perks, attachments, customisation details and everything else in the Black Ops armoury.


You earn CP through levelling and through completing the Contracts targets that you set yourself.

Most of the CP earning is won at the fixed level intervals, it basically amounts to 10% of the XP you've earned," explains Vondehaar.

"So the player who is really proficient with the game will want to do things that help him level the fastest. If you're generally competent though, you'll want to aggressively chase down the things that give you XP and the things that give you CP directly.

"Specifially, look at Contracts. Pick the Contracts you know you can complete, and do those. Then do them over and over again once their cool-down timer expires.

If you're going for a big bank account right away, stick within the normal progression. This is important, as the XP earns get larger over the long haul.

If you go too far and mix them up too much, moving between 'this style' and 'that style' you won't necessarily be going for the big money. You'll be getting lots of CP wins, but in smaller amounts."

You can have three Contracts running at any one time. They're in-game challenges you can set yourself while you play.

"Mercenary Contracts are for weapon fiends, Operation Contracts involve the game modes, and Specialist Contracts are usually higher risk and higher reward.

They're the pride ones, and you can't grind them out in the same way," says Vonderhaar. "You take in three Contracts at a time - you can pick one from Mercenary, one from Operations and one from Specialist.

Although, it's pretty difficult to pull them all off at the same time!"

Mercenary contracts: Mercenary Contracts are usually about getting kills with particular guns.

Every gun has three different contracts attached: Cruelty, Ferocity and Brutality. Take out a Brutality contract and kill 75 players within the next 40 minutes of gameplay time, and you'll be laughing...


Specialist contracts: "Specialist Contracts are unique and unusual contracts for unique and unusual players.

It starts putting in extra requirements for more unusual weapons or combinations - even in-game events like stealing an enemy crate.

There are one-offs like 'Steel Meets Spine', which is where you knife an enemy in the back. Then 'My Little Friend' is getting two kills during one life with the grenade launcher attachment.

There's even one that pays well if you share four of your care packages."

Gun Game: Every time you make a kill in Gun Game, your weapon cycles up a ladder of twenty weapons, and each time you're killed by a knife you drop a step down.

A kill with weapon 20 will win the match, with weapons 19 and 20 being the crossbow and the ballistic knife. If you see someone with those weapons, attempt to melée kill them immediately.

One in the chamber: This mode sees every player armed with one bullet, one pistol and three lives.

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