Call of Duty Black Ops: Multiplayer survival guide

Pay attention Noobs...

Chances are the majority of Black Ops play time will be spent in multiplayer. For new recruits, Xbox Live and PSN won't be friendly training grounds.

So, to save you some serious aggro we've got a few top tips to survive online from Treyarch's Dan Bunting.

Learn and implement them to climb those rankings quicker than a AK-armed rat up a drainpipe.

There's a lot of new customisation options. What do you recommend getting first?
Typically, I'll buy an assault rifle or an SMG (submachine gun), whatever the first one is that I unlock.


Then I'll get an attachment for that, whether it's a suppressor, a red dot sight or extra magazines - any kind of attachment that's going to enhance that weapon so I at least have a competitive weapon against other people.

Are there any non-gun purchases you'd recommend?
I'd recommend buying something in the tactical grenade category because the default is the smoke grenade and that's got a very specific use.

So you need something that's a little more general purpose like a flashbang or a concussion grenade.

Can you explain the new motion sensor to us?
The new motion sensor is essentially your own personal UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). It lets you put radar in a specific location, and on your mini-map it'll show you all the red dots for all the enemies in a certain radius.

It's useful in all game modes but it depends what style of player you are. If you're a fast-paced run-and-gun player then you're probably not going to need that equipment because you're never going to have time to set it down in one location, you're always on the move.


It's really more for defensive players. Especially in objective game modes where you want to guard a location and keep that location protected: maybe put it in a doorway and see if people come in.

There's also the camera spike which is another surveillance gadget. Which is the best?
The camera spike serves a similar purpose to the motion sensor. They both give you information about enemies in a certain area but the motion sensor is radius based so you see in 360 degrees while the camera spike is directional.

So you might use it for a long hallway or a long street. The camera spike is better for covering long ranges of engagement.

The One in the Chamber matches only give you one bullet. What's the best way to survive or tell if someone's bluffing?
You can't tell: that's the whole point. It's one of the things that makes that game mode so tense. The best tactic is to try and sneak around and knife people to get more bullets.

What's your preferred approach and loadout?
I'm all about style. I don't care about kill to death ratio. I just want to make the kill look as cool as possible. So I have what I call my humiliation class.


I have concussion grenades and tomahawk because I try to get mostly tomahawk kills, or sticky grenade.

What's your favourite bit of customisation?
My red dot sight is a heart so I can make it that much more embarrassing when I kill people and they see it in their kill cam.

Any good tips for staying alive longer?
I like to use the flack jacket because the game has so much explosive damage - grenade spam, claymores, or whatever.

So I like to have the flack jacket perk so I'm pretty much impervious to those weapons.

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