Call of Duty Black Ops: Dissected

Video Analysis: 26 screenshots from the latest Cod multiplayer footage

If there's one thing that keeps Call of Duty on millions of people's shelves it's the online multiplayer.

In fact, for most people, it's probably what puts it there in the first place.

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We've been bringing you some pretty sizable chunks of exclusive Black Ops multiplayer gameplay footage over the past few days but it's always good to break it down, lay it out and have a good old think about a game's finer points.

Today we're analysing a Team Deathmatch from the Black Ops multiplayer map 'Cracked'.


Let's start at the beginning (that's what it was made for) where we can see the player's loadout screen.

This fellow has a few perks set that we're familiar with, namely hardened bullets and the marathon attribute for longer sprint speed. He's also a speedy lightweight.

What's worth a little note though is the inclusion of the Decoy Bomb, which will con many a soldier into thinking they've dealt with a threat only to have the real deal blow up in their face straight after.

You'll also spot the Tomahawk axe, which can be thrown or just used to bludgeon passers by.

The video shows the axe actually being thrown, we tried to take a snap of it, but it's far too quick for 2010 technology so you'll just have to go and watch it yourself.


The next screen is also useful, it shows the map this Team Deathmatch is about to kick off in.

It involves warfare on the streets as well as in some open buildings - some have been brought to the ground almost entirely - where you'll find some useful sniping points. We'll get onto that in a bit.


Once the fighting commences the first thing we noticed was the new custom dots.

This chap must think himself something of an assassin since he likes to view his prey through a red skull.


Personally, that'd send our targeting well off. It's just too big for our liking. We prefer the traditional dot for proper precision and it just so happens our man gets killed by someone using exactly that.

Look at it - much better.


Onto our surroundings, which looks like a mix between Modern Warfare 2's Invasion and Crash from Call of Duty 4. Nothing all that overwhelming in terms of design or technical leaps then.

What the map does consist of, though, is plenty of buildings that can be climbed all over because they've been brought to the ground, run around because they've survived so far or sniped from because they have a second floor that all the long-range headshot hunters will inevitably rush to.


If sniping's not your game and you're more of a gadget fanatic, there's always the remote control car to play around with. The little tyke is pretty elusive in the trailer but did a fair bit of damage.

You catch a blurry glimpse of the thing at one point via this Kill Cam after it's taken our player out.


You also see the impact of it, we think, when it sounds as though it's the cause of this vehicle combusting so quickly.

We say "sounds like" because you see it scoot off and hear it whirring around before the carnage erupts.


When you do kill someone you might get one of the traditional Call of Duty phrases of congratulations.

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