42 hot games only on PS3: 42-16

We countdown the best Sony exclusives over the next 12 months...

The PlayStation 3 already has its fair share of impressive exclusive titles.

Blockbuster games such as Uncharted 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 3 have set the bar pretty high for upcoming titles.

Fortunately the lineup is looking very strong indeed. Over the next few days we'll be counting down 42 of the most anticipated upcoming PS3 exclusives.

42. Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Need more emo boys hitting each other with big swords and making moody comments in your life? You'll love this.


41. The Sly Collection: Sucker Punch's three PS2 Sly Cooper platformers on one Blu-ray, uprated to HD (and Honor Among Thieves gets full 3D). Bargain.

40. Yazuka: The End: Who plays ping-pong during a zombie apocalypse? Yakuza, that's who. Robot arms, ball-gags, karaoke, braineating...it's all here.

39. Horizon: Due 'sooner than you think,' expect sci-fi in the Heavy Rain engine about a once-captive man and a repressed woman. Will be incredible.

38. Dynasty Warriors 7: Its 'dynasty' stretches back a decade, which is a lot of hacking and slashing by anyone's count.

37. Prince of Persia Collection: Sands Of Time, Warrior Within and Two Thrones - all together, in HD, and exclusive to PS3. All three games are still great.

36. Starhawk: Lightbox Interactive's new direction for its popular tactical multi-player battler Warhawk takes it right into space. And that's all we know.

35. Disgaea 4: This Insanely deep tactical RPG series is finally embracing HD and ditching old-school stylings for something more hi-res. Mad and beautiful.

34. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath: In this HD remake you play as a bounty hunter who uses live animals as ammo for his weapons. Imaginative, funny.

33. Ape Escape Fury Fury: First-person, on rails, Move-controlled monkey catching action. Looks bonkers, but should be a solid party game.

32. No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise: Suda 51's stylish brawler is coming to PS3 and adds PlayStation Move support for Travis Touchdown's lightsaber.


31. Dead Nation: This top-down PSN zombie apocalypse shooter offers co-op play for four undead hunters. It's out soon, so keep an eye on the Store.

30. Virtua Tennis 4: Roger Federer and his licensed tennis chums smashing each other round the court. Move compatible and supports 3D for rich folk.

29. Time Crisis: Razing Storm: Light-gun (now Move) shooter returns as terrorists and mercs join forces to attack the USA from behind a series of boxes.

28. Sorcery: This Move compatible wizarding game impressed at E3, but has since gone quiet. Live out Gandalf fantasies next year. "You shall not pass" etc.

27. The Fight: Lights Out: Probe the gritty, underground world of bare-knuckle boxing with your Move controller and Eye camera. They won't laugh.

26. Echochrome 2: Boldly colourful, pleasingly surreal PlayStation Eye / Move controlled puzzler that you control merely with light and shadow.

25. Singstar: Hoping to ape the success of Just Dance on Wii, Sony are bringing Move-friendly Singstar Dance to PS3. Expect energetic pop.

24. Explodemon: This platformer is part Bomberman, part Mega Man. Our hero, who looks a bit like a tiny Iron Man, can explode to jump obstacles and kill foes.

23. Agent: It's the 1970s and you're travelling the world slotting people in a shadowy world of espionage. Rockstar's latest is quiet, but it's still coming.

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