ELSPA 'delighted' with UK R4 victory

Outlawing of DS flash carts a "significant judgement" says trade body

UK games trade body ELSPA has said it's "delighted" with the ruling that has now made DS flash cart R4 and similar carts illegal in UK.

A new ruling from the High Court in London officially outlawed the importing, advertising or sale of R4 cards today. The cartridge - which was made illegal in Japan in February - allows DS owners to transfer digital games downloaded on a PC to their console, including those pinched from Torrent and P2P sites.

ELSPA director general Michael Rawlinson told MCV: "We are delighted with today's decision to make the advertisement, importation and sale of R4 copier cards illegal."

He went on: "The ELSPA Intellectual Property (IP) Crime Unit was central in bringing the defendants to the attention of law enforcement authorities. I am grateful to them and our partners at Nintendo and Trading Standards in securing this significant judgement.

"Intellectual property theft is an important issue for the videogames industry, and this judgement will assist the IP Crime Unit team in actively pursuing and stopping other individuals who deal in R4 cards."