The 3D Gaming guide

Laying out all your 3D gaming options

Until about a year ago the phrase '3D gaming' conjured up terrifying images of Nintendo's Virtual Boy, a rather embarrassing failed attempt at creating a console capable of displaying games in 'real 3D'. While 3D gaming hasn't achieved success in any meaningful way since then, the technology has continued to mature and, like it or not, gaming is now on the cusp of a 3D revolution. Where Parallax technology failed, Sony aim to succeed with Stereoscopic and Nintendo is once again taking a shot at a 3D console - fortunately this time there's no head mounted display unit.


For many the re-emergence of 3D into the gaming consciousness sparks more confusion than excitement, there are a number of different options available for gaming in 3D, all of which provide different experiences and require you to invest in various pieces of hardware. To save you considerable time and effort wading through the options, we've created a handy little guide to help you get stuck into some serious 3D gaming - Viva La Revolución.

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