What do you want to see?

We reveal our hopes and wishes for the show

If you're anything like us, the lead up to E3 is akin to a gradual decent into madness.

The weeks before the show are filled with so much teasing and speculation, it's enough to crush any shred of logical thinking and reasoning.

With expectations running wild, therefore, our ability to distinguish between a realistic announcement idea and personal fantasy is severely impaired.

However, every so often we think of a few announcement wishes that are slightly plausible. The following few are E3 2010 announcements that we're hoping will come true - but what do you want from the show?


PlayStation Store Overhaul
The announcement of a new PlayStation Portable has been floating around for a while now. Although the specifics are still a mystery a little research and a leap of faith (or two) suggests a number of likely PSP 2 details.

In a recent interview SCEE president Andrew House described the PSPgo as a test product; given the unimpressive sales of the device it's unlikely the PSP 2 will be digital-only.

However, we're hoping that the misstep hasn't dissuaded Sony from focusing on digitally downloaded content for the PSP 2. A new PSP is an opportunity for Sony to reinvent the PlayStation Store and do digitally downloaded media properly.

A recently filed trademark for 'PlayView' is an encouraging sign, the patent details a device used for receiving, displaying and transferring various types of media content including text and audiovisual works. With this in mind, we hope that Sony seizes the opportunity to reinvent the PlayStation Store and create a service to rival Apple's iTunes store for their exciting new handheld.


Netflix Fix
Although the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii services throughout the different territories are largely the same there's one feature that we Europeans cry ourselves to sleep wishing for - Netflix.

Movie addicts and American TV fans on this side of the Pond being denied access to a Netflix-like service is excruciatingly painful. Microsoft and Sony provide a video download service but they are, frankly, not exactly scintillating.

The Microsoft Zune service has a limited library - and comes with a baffling self-destruct/auto-delete DRM embedded in each file - and the Sony service is just as limited and rather expensive.

With Microsoft using Natal to solidify the Xbox 360 as a family entertainment hub, a partnership with Netflix or an equivalent service for Europe would make sense. The market is open for the taking.


A-list Characters For The 3DS
The announcement of a new 3D Nintendo DS was a shock; not least as it came so soon after the DSi XL was launched. Although the ill-will this announcement initially garnered quickly faded, the shroud of mystery around the device hasn't inspired much confidence.

Given Nintendo's history with handhelds we have full faith in the 3DS until we see evidence that tells us otherwise - but the line-up of launch software is crucial.

With Nintendo's new 'casual' approach a runaway success, we wouldn't be surprised if they launch with 3DS Sports, 3DS Play (which will become a chart mainstay thanks to a stylus pack-in) and 3DS Fit.

But our real hope is that they roll out the red carpet and send their top tier characters to welcome the new handheld. Shigeru Miyamoto recently spoke about the dangers of overusing Mario and he's right - it's probably time to let the old guy rest for a while.

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