Skate 3: The best - and worst - user-created boards revealed

Fight Club, Peter Griffin... and LOTS of badly drawn ganja leaves

Bought Skate 3? You should. Especially if you're keen to play online, or get involved with the flexible - but mildly challenging - graphics creation tools on EA's website (, allowing you to draw almost anything from scratch, then plonk the logo on your in-game deck, T-shirt or hat... then earn board sales every time someone else uploads your design. Sounds dull? Wait until you see some of the best user-created designs.

Just click on the screenshot gallery (attached) to see the best - and worst - of the user-created designs. They're even better when you realise they've been painstakingly crafted using hundreds of tiny coloured shapes, and not just drawn and scanned in. To show you how 'easy' it is, we've attached our own design, bodged up in ten seconds as we nurse this clanging perpetual hangover; amplifying our perma-incompetence to terrifying levels.

Feel suitably inspired? In the next issue of PSM3 we're launching a competition to design the PSM3-team Skate 3 logo. Our only condition? The design needs to feature the words 'PSM3' somewhere, however big or small, and the rest is up to you. The winner not only gets a load of Skate 3 goodies and real life skate gear but - and this is cute - gets his/her design made into a real-life skateboard so you can hang it on the wall or, er, scratch it off immediately doing actual skating. Your choice.

Here's the website gallery link:

Anyway, sorry for the lack of blogs. We've been on deadline, but normal - patchy - service resumes next week, with the vague threat of a podcast.