Nintendo sues online 'piracy' retailer

...for selling 'illegal videogame copiers' for the DS

Nintendo has slapped the owner of NXPGAME for allegedly running a chain of online retail sites that sell DS flash carts which allow people to pirate games for the console.

Nintendo says the "illegal videogame copiers" let users "circumvent the technological protection measures embedded in the system" and play illegally downloaded games. So basically, the R4 cart or similar.

Nintendo said in its testimony:

"Nintendo investigated a website owned by NXPGAME and found that it was selling illegal video game copiers that enable the user to download, play and distribute illegal copies of Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi video game software.

"After multiple letters and telephone calls from Nintendo's legal counsel, the owner agreed to cease selling game copiers and closed his website. Shortly thereafter, the owner launched an identical business at a different website address, and redirected people who visited his old site to the new one to purchase illegal game copiers.

"Despite the repeated attempts to get NXPGAME Inc. to cease its illegal activities, the company and its owner continue to operate multiple websites that sell illegal game copiers. Nintendo asserts that NXPGAME is willfully infringing on the company's intellectual property rights. Additionally, one of the company's websites uses Nintendo registered trademarks and violates Nintendo's copyrights."

Nintendo recently blamed piracy devices like the R4 for a massive drop in DS game sales.

[ SOURCE: ShackNews ]