iPad success has 'no impact' on DS sales

Reggie says Nintendo handheld business not feeling Apple's charge

NOA boss Reggie Fils-Aime has said that Nintendo's dominant DS has "not seen any impact" in sales despite the recent success of Apple's iPad device, which is heavily touted as a significant player in the handheld gaming market.

"We have not seen any impact on our DS business. In the first three months [of 2010] we've set two new sales records for the Nintendo DS," he told CNBC (via Edge Online).

"We think that through April that we'll have the best four month time period to kick off a new calendar year that we've ever had with the device. So certainly we're seeing momentum, they're seeing momentum. I think two products can succeed at the same time."

Nintendo has confirmed it will reveal the Nintendo 3DS - the true successor to the current two-screen handheld boasting 3D effect without the need to wear glasses - at E3 next month.

[ SOURCE: Edge-Online ]