Got the new issue of PSM3? We need your help

You helped build them - now tell us what you think of our new Archive and Upgrade sections

Regular forumites / blog readers will remember us asking for your help re-designing our Browser section of the magazine - resulting in not one, but two, new sections; Upgrade (A dedicated tech section to help you get more from PS3) and Archive (A full PS3 review archive, and more exhaustive release schedule), debuting in this month's magazine. Now you've had time to read them - what do you think?


What do you want to see more/less of?
What's your favourite bit/least favourite?
Any other advice on how we could improve it?

Ditto. Just tell us what you want to see more of.

We can't promise we'll implement everything - folk want opposing things, after all - but we'd really welcome your feedback.

Sorry if blog service drops a bit this week. We're entering deadline crunch again. Oh, and the promo copies of GOW3 turned up, ruinously.

Have a great night


Have a great night