Nintendo DS 2 release this year - report

Next handheld to include accelerometer, GameCube tech?

A Nintendo DS successor will be released before the end of the year, according to information claimed to have come from developers.

According to reports, Nintendo's next handheld will include two screens just like the DS, except the gap between them will be negligible, meaning developers can use them as one giant screen if they wish.

The chatter also claims that an accelerometer (just like the iPhone) and innards spec-ed similar to the GameCube will be included. Apparently, developers who worked on GameCube or Wii (everyone, then) will find DS2 easy to develop for.

The details fall in line with our own DS 2 report, in which a source told CVG that dev kits for the handheld are already in the hands of select developers.

According to this report, developers are apparently wrapping up their games for the new DS's probable launch at the end of this year, and we'll likely see it unveiled at E3 2010.

As usual you should take this report as rumour chatter for now. We've already contacted Nintendo for our inevitable "no comment".

[ SOURCE: RPad ]